Who are we? 

HelpKitchen is generously sponsored by Jeff and Erica Lawson. Jeff and Erica realized that COVID-19 was going to put immense pressure on the food security system, and decided to spin up HelpKitchen. Thanks to their generous donations, they've sponsored meals in San Francisco and Detroit since launch in April 2020.

The rest of the volunteer HelpKitchen team consists of:

1. Eric Ries - Eric is the founder and CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange and the author of the bestselling The Lean Startup. He's also well known for his roles in other COVID-19 relief work related to PPE and school closures.

2. Brent Summers – Brent is one of the leaders in the no-code movement and previously founded an education company, Code-Free Startup, that was acquired in 2018. His latest project is Launching Myself.

3. Jeff Nobbs – Jeff is the co-owner of Kitava, a health-conscious restaurant in San Francisco. Prior to Kitava, he co-founded Extrabux, which was acquired by Rakuten Rewards.

4. Justin Mares – Justin is the co-founder and CEO of Kettle & Fire, the fastest-growing bone broth brand in the country. He also co-founded Perfect Keto, a DTC food and supplement brand for people on a ketogenic diet.

Want to help out? Get in touch.

Want to help support the cause?

Help us out by donating, volunteering, or opening a Food Relief chapter in your city.