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Feed your community in a time of crisis

HelpKitchen connects food insecure individuals with partner organizations that can get them fed.

How We Work

HelpKitchen matches food-
insecure individuals with partner restaurants for a free meal via SMS

Restaurants log into their HelpKitchen dashboard and serve those who need a meal when they come to pick it up.

We pay restaurants for each meal, keeping their staff employed and their business open.

Every meal is covered by our generous philanthropic partners.

The Problem We're Solving

Across the country, food banks and other organizations in the food security system are seeing 20x normal demand. Millions of individuals are going hungry, all while restaurants are struggling more than ever before.

HelpKitchen matches the food insecure with a free meal from a partner restaurant near them, all via text/SMS. This program keeps restaurants alive (and their employees working), injects funds into the local community, and eases the burden food banks and the rest of the food security system are experiencing due to COVID-19 and economic hardship.




Partner Restaurants


Meals Served

Food Banks are providing a lifeline for so many in need...

…but no one is prepared for the current scale of need. This is a long-term problem, needing a long term solution. Our local communities need overflow relief for the newly hungry.

Restaurants represent a ready resource to fill the gap in food security. HelpKitchen aims to connect restaurants with those in need who may be missed by the existing relief organizations.